Once consumed by the ancient people because of its nutrition and taste; Lucuma has become a staple food for all those seeking to benefit from the fruit more commonly known as “Gold of the Incas”.

Seen as a symbol of fertility and creation, Lucuma is a seemingly simple fruit that is packed full of iron, zinc, vitamin B3, calcium and protein and beta carotene among other minerals. Due to its high mineral content, the Lucuma fruit has become somewhat of a superstar in the science world as it ticks all the right boxes for those seeking to find something that not only supports cardiovascular health but also helps improve blood sugar and skin health.

What Is Lucuma Powder?
While it was consumed in its true form by the ancient Incas, the Lucuma fruit is now more commonly eaten in powder form. In fact, you can easily buy Lucuma powder online on websites such as Organic Merchants and others.

Now, the reason why many favor the powder form instead of the actual fruit is because of its accessibility. Blending the fruit takes time, whereas with the powder you can easily toss a spoon in your travel mug on the way to work.

Lucuma powder is used in many food items, even in smoothies and baking recipes because of its subtle, sweet taste. And since it allows the recipe to come together without overwhelming any flavor, many often use the powder to give their dishes an extra zing.

Health Benefits Of Lucuma Powder
The Incas used Lucuma for a wide range of reasons. From supporting digestion and cardiovascular health to using Lucuma oil for supporting healing wounds, the Incas used all components of this fruit to their advantage.

With modern science, Lucumas have helped yield many results for different types of bodily conditions and problems. For example, because of its low level of sweetness, the Lucuma fruit is often consumed by diabetics and those who prefer a low-glycemic sugar substitute. As such, it helps support normal blood sugar levels.

lucuma-powderLucuma powder is also seen as a highly potent remedy for those suffering from hypertension, since it boosts ACE inhibitor activities in vitro, thus decreasing the effects of the condition.

Where To Get Lucuma Powder?
When looking for Lucuma powder, it is important to find a reliable source so that you get a high quality product. Organic Merchants is one such online store that offers many different organic products for your convenience such as barley grass juice powder and wheatgrass juice powder among others.

Subtle, sweet and beneficial; Lucuma powder ticks all the boxes for those seeking a good health supplement. But just remember; as with any other food supplement; consult with your doctor before using Lucuma powder so that you may experience the benefits of this supplement without worrying.